Menu Ideas For Kids’ Events

25 November 2019
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When planning a holiday or birthday party for a child, you'll have a lot of logistics to consider, such as a venue, activities and favors. Don't overlook the event menu, however, as kids can be picky eaters. With a bit of preparation, you'll be able to put together a lunch or dinner that the young party-goers will love.  Depending on your event-planning budget, you can hire a professional caterer or prepare the meal in your own kitchen. Read More 

Tips For Serving Seafood To Your Event Guests

11 February 2019
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Despite seafood being a very popular type of cuisine, individuals will often be hesitant about serving seafood at their gatherings. While seafood can have its own preparation challenges, it is possible for individuals to easily manage to serve this type of food to their guests with a little thoughtful planning. Use A Catering Or Food Service Provider That Specializes In Seafood Cuisine When choosing a catering service, you will want to limit your selection to those that specialize in preparing and serving this type of food. Read More