Tips For Serving Seafood To Your Event Guests

11 February 2019
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Despite seafood being a very popular type of cuisine, individuals will often be hesitant about serving seafood at their gatherings. While seafood can have its own preparation challenges, it is possible for individuals to easily manage to serve this type of food to their guests with a little thoughtful planning.

Use A Catering Or Food Service Provider That Specializes In Seafood Cuisine

When choosing a catering service, you will want to limit your selection to those that specialize in preparing and serving this type of food. Additionally, there can be a particularly wide variance in the quality of seafood dishes, and this will place an emphasis on the need to hold a tasting with any of the seafood catering services that you are potentially considering using. During these tastings, be sure to ask questions about the storage and preparation of the dishes as this can impact their quality when they are served to guests.

Be Mindful Of Those With Seafood Allergies

Unfortunately, there are many individuals that will suffer from severe food allergies. For many people with these allergies, seafood will be a serious trigger that will need to be avoided. When you are inviting guests to the event, you should make sure that they are aware of the fact that seafood will be served. Furthermore, you should provide allergy information or a field for individuals to write their food allergies so that you can appropriately plan the menu for the event.

Have Individuals Choose Their Dish When They RSVP

Controlling the costs of your event's food service is important, but you will want to avoid negatively impacting the experience of your guests. One way to help balance these goals is to have your guests choose their dish for the event when they return their RSVP. This will ensure that you are minimizing the amount of food waste that occurs while also guaranteeing that you have the preferred dish for all of your guests.

Ensure The Facility Can Accommodate Your Food Service Provider

It can be easy to overlook the needs of the catering service when you are planning this event. However, it is imperative for these services to have enough space, electrical outlets and any other requests that they may have. Otherwise, their ability to prepare and serve the highest quality seafood possible will be severely compromised. Due to this need, you may want to choose your food service provider before you select a venue as this will make it easier to choose a venue that can easily accommodate your catering service.

For more information on seafood cuisine brunch events, contact your local food service professionals.