Add A Seasonal Charcuterie Board To Your Christmas Party

12 October 2022
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For many people, an enjoyable tradition during the Christmas season is hosting a gathering at home for friends. Whether you invite a large group of friends or you have a small group of guests, you'll want to put careful thought into the food that you serve. While you might make some appetizers yourself, it's also convenient to order food from a local food shop. Given the fancy nature of this occasion, it can be fun to choose a charcuterie board. This appetizer not only looks stylish but also tastes delicious. Many shops prepare charcuterie boards that have a seasonal appearance. You might favor one that includes these things.

Christmas Tree Shape

The shape in which the food appears on your charcuterie board can tie in well with the season. Some food shops lay out the selection of meats, cheese, and other items in a Christmas tree shape. The shape may be a basic triangle or it may have notches in the sides to mimic the gaps between the individual tree branches. In many cases, food shops will use a triangular wooden board to further play into the Christmas tree theme.

Inclusion Of Green

Other than red, green is the color that most people associate with Christmas. Your charcuterie board will have plenty of reddish food on it, thanks to its selection of cured meats. To further help give this platter a seasonal look, you can expect that the food shop will include green elements in various locations around the board. For example, green olives can add a splash of green throughout the tree shape, as can small sprigs of parsley. You may find shops that outline the entire Christmas tree shape in parsley or another green food.

Decorative Elements

On most charcuterie boards, you'll be able to eat everything that appears on the board. At Christmas, however, some food shops will add a few small decorative items throughout the board to enhance the seasonal vibe. For example, you'll often find shops that place a few Christmas decorations in strategic areas around the board. A star-shaped ornament may appear at the top of the tree shape, while other decorations may be placed as though they're hanging from the branches. The addition of this unique charcuterie plate can be a highlight at your Christmas party and something that your guests enjoy viewing and eating. Learn more about charcuterie boards, including those with a holiday theme, by contacting a local food shop.