How To Create A Great Full-Service Catering Experience

6 August 2021
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Running a catering company is an excellent way to give back to groups who wish to enjoy some wonderful food during life events. Whether corporate gatherings or celebrations, such as weddings or reunions, a catering service is a great addition to any event. Offering a full-service catering event goes a step further than simply providing food and allows for guests to leave tasks such as bussing, dishes, and seating to the catering company. Read on for some great tips on how to run a successful full-service catering operation and give customers an experience to remember. 

Quality Ingredients and Superb Taste

When customers hire a catering company, they will expect quality food for the services they are paying for. Though meals do not necessarily have to be extremely fancy, ingredients and overall quality should be at the top of their game. Working with local vendors that provide only the freshest and best quality ingredients, such as produce, dairy products, or meats, will ensure that the meals created will be both satisfying and nutritious. As food goes hand-in-hand with celebrations or gatherings of loved ones, the meal itself will be remembered by patrons. Serving a variety of choices for events that call for buffets can also become a fantastic opportunity to showcase the unique and delicious flavors that the catering company offers. 

Cleanliness and Attire

In any food establishment, there should always be a high regard for cleanliness. This not only applies to the area in which food is prepared, stored, and served but also extends to ensuring equipment and attire are sanitary. Regular deep cleanings should be performed using daily and weekly task lists and inspections can be expected to ensure the safety of the environment in which food is stored and prepared. Following the recommended guidelines on food safety including separating meats and produce, for instance, will help prevent food-borne illness. Attire worn by the catering crew should be freshly laundered and free of stains or scuff marks on the day of the catering event. This level of attention to overall cleanliness in all aspects of the catering service will present a polished and professional appearance to customers. 

Customer Service

Interactions with customers will be the most crucial element of running a successful catering operation. Especially with full-service operations, a catering company that keeps their customers prioritized will work to ensure that the outcome is everything the client hoped for and then some. Communication regarding the types of food offered as well as seating, tables, cutlery, and bussing services will help narrow down what the client is looking for and requires. Offering competitive pricing is another great way to build a loyal clientele and increase referrals to prospective customers. With stellar customer service skills and fair pricing that is unmatched, a solid reputation can be built to stand out in the catering market.