Six Things You Can Do To Improve Hamburger Quality At Your Food Service Establishment

6 May 2021
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Producing a good hamburger is important for any food service establishment. A hamburger is a basic and popular menu item, so it's important that your establishment gets it right. 

There are a few things you can do at your dining establishment to raise the quality of your burgers. The following are six things you can do to make sure your establishment is producing the best possible burgers. 

Grind beef in-house before forming burgers

Grinding your own beef to prepare hamburger patties can really improve the quality of your burgers. Burgers will taste fresher if you grind beef yourself rather than having previously ground beef brought to your food service establishment.

Use hamburger moulder equipment to form your burgers

Once you've ground your beef for your hamburger patties, you should use hamburger moulder equipment to form burgers. Using a moulder will standardize burger sizes and shapes at your establishment. This way, you know you're serving up burgers that are adequate in terms of size and well-formed in terms of shape. 

Don't let hamburger meat get too warm during the production and cooking process

It's essential that you keep your ground beef cold from the time you make it and mould it to the time you start cooking your burgers. If ground beef is allowed to get too warm, it could lose some of its juiciness. Also, allowing burger meat to get warm could cause the meat to go bad. 

Cook burger patties using indirect heat after searing

While initially, you should give burger patties a good sear on the exterior at high heat, you should then switch to indirect heat. This helps you to achieve a nice crust on the exterior while making sure that the burger is adequately cooked on the inside as well. 

Put enough salt on burgers

Ground beef isn't the only ingredient you should be using to produce hamburger patties. You should also be using salt.

The best way to use salt to make burger patties is to apply the salt to the outside of the burger after it has been formed. This will create a tasty salty crust for the burger without drying out the meat too much on the interior of the patty. 

Consider using a meat thermometer to ensure burgers are cooked to the proper level of doneness

It's not always easy for cooks to achieve the desired level of doneness in a burger. Using a meat thermometer is a great way to make sure that each burger is neither undercooked nor overcooked.

Train your cooks to know the interior temperature of a rare, medium, and well-done burger so that they can figure out exactly when to take burgers off the grill.