Streamline The Ingredient Chopping Process

22 April 2020
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Homemade tacos, stuffed sausages, and garden salads require preparations that involve dicing and slicing various ingredients. One of the main points that you may enforce to your kitchen staff is the importance of creating dishes that are consistent in size and texture. A food bowl chopper is a kitchen aid that can eliminate some of the preparations necessary and will ensure that the ingredients that are used for each recipe are cut exactly as you would like them to be.

A Machine Contains Stainless Steel And Heavy Duty Blades

A food bowl chopper is similar to a food processor but often is larger in size, is constructed of stainless steel, and contains a heavy-duty blade system. A chopper is often used in a commercial food industry and can be a time saver when slicing or dicing tough cuts of beef, chicken, or pork. Although meat may be one of the main ingredients that you choose to place inside of a chopper's bowl, you will be able to use the machinery to handle the cutting of tough-skinned fruits and vegetables as well.

Because you will have the capability of using entire fruits and vegetables in entirety and can leave the skins intact, the nutrient content of these food items will not be compromised. Your customers will be provided with all of the nutrients found in vitamin-rich products, and this will also result in wasting less of the raw ingredients that you purchase in comparison to what may have been disposed of prior to using a food chopper.

A Chopper Can Be Used On A Counter Or On A Prep Table

If you want to gradually introduce the food preparation changes that you are seeking and want to get your kitchen staff used to using a food chopper, purchase one model and allow each employee to practice using the equipment and cleaning the interior chamber and blades. Direct your kitchen staff to use the chopper solely for meat products or for the preparation of a specific dish.

If you notice that each plate of food is looking better organized and a dish possesses an even consistency, plan on having more menu items prepared with the aid of the chopper. If your menu is quite extensive and food preparations take longer to complete than desired, invest in multiple food bowl choppers, and set them up on a counter or a table that is designated for food preparations.