Gourds, Grapes And Greenery -- Planning A Fall Wedding Without Cliches

25 March 2016
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Planning an autumn wedding? Between the falling leaves, the deep and tranquil colors and comfy cold-weather clothes, fall is a great time for a beautiful wedding. If you're not quite sure where to start to create your perfect fall wedding, here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Centerpieces. Fall creates some beautiful natural elements for your centerpieces. Gourds and pumpkins come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Complement a few gourds of varying sizes with other seasonal greenery, figs, crab apples or vines. Soft candlelight provides warmth to the arrangement. 

Catering. Seasonal foods are all about comfort and warmth, making a cozy meal for your guests. Why not serve a pumpkin soup with toasted seeds eaten right out of a cleaned-out small gourd? Traditional comfort foods like pot pies, fall vegetables or red meats can also make an inexpensive but hearty wedding dinner. If you're looking for modern versions of such fall classics, work with your caterer to create something unique but still traditional. 

Cocktails. Make a signature cocktail to serve your guests. A hot drink featuring apple cider, cinnamon and rum or apple brandy can easily be paired with a complementary non-alcoholic version for younger guests. Hot cocoa (with mini marshmallows or rimmed with crushed graham crackers) is a perennial favorite and a great way to make your wedding feel like home. 

Backdrop. Fall greenery makes a lovely backdrop for your vows or pictures. Pine cones can be wired to hang amid evergreen branches or a potted tree behind the ceremony location. A grape arbor can also be wired with small grape clusters to give a vibrant autumn impression. 

Paper Accents. Start off your theme by using rustic invitations and place cards. Rubber stamps in the shape of fall leaves, branches or trees can help create a woody feeling on neutral or ivory paper invitations. Wood tags tied with twine or thin rope make good thematic place cards, napkin rings or decorations for guest tokens. 

Desserts. Chocolate evokes the thick, dark, sweet mood of fall, so serve lots of it in a dessert bar or chocolate fountain. Decadent chocolate filled with nuts, raspberry, spices or liqueurs complement a meal of comfort foods. For an even more fun and unique dessert idea, try serving s'mores or creating a take-home bag of ingredients for guests.  

Decor. Decorating a fall reception doesn't need to focus on orange hues and leaf shapes if you don't want it to. Create a cozy feeling by including fire in either a built-in fireplace or portable fire pits. Leave rustic, warm blankets around for guests to use. Green wreaths hung at the entrance or strategically used around the venue give a natural woodsy feeling. 

By thinking about the aspects of autumn that you enjoy most, you can incorporate elements of the season without relying on overused or cliche decorations. The result will be a wedding and reception that everyone will enjoy and remember for years to come. Contact a business, such as the Personal Touch Experience, for more information.