How To Pull Off A Trendy Restaurant Menu

5 November 2015
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A trendy restaurant menu can bring in new customers while keeping your fans actively coming into your restaurant. However, keeping up with a trendy menu can be time-consuming since there's a lot of thought to put into your menu choices. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when designing a trendy restaurant menu. 

Have a Good Mix of Favorites and New Items

The first thing to consider when planning a hot new menu is to keep your best customers in mind. While fad items might bring in a lot of new business, the old standbys are important to returning customers who want to know what to expect. Be sure that your menu has some stability and some novelty. 

Work with Your Ingredients

When you're planning out new items, it can be helpful to consider your current ingredient list. You don't need to reinvent the wheel in order to impress your customers; consider taking an ingredient that you already have in stock and research fun new ways to use that ingredient.  

Consider Seasonal or Limited Promotions

With the nature of trends, the demand for some items may die down fairly fast. If you have unique items that need to be tried only once, you might find that their popularity comes in a wave. For these types of items, you might want to use them as a seasonal special or a limited time opportunity— this will get people eager to try them right away, and you'll be able to keep your inventory consolidated. 

Market Your Trendy Items Well

A very unique item deserves to get some limelight. Try to contact newspapers and bloggers about unusual items and experiences that you create for your patrons. 

Leave it to the Pros

If you don't have the time or expertise needed to pull off a trendy restaurant menu, it may be best to leave this to a professional. There are great food service management services out there who can help you do the research, planning, and execution for new restaurant items. The fad nature of trendy menu items means that you may have to change up the menu several times to keep it fresh; if you have a management consultant on hand, this individual can help you decide when it's time to rotate items and give your menu a new spin. No matter how you choose to pull of a trendy restaurant menu, know that it will take some effort and good timing to choose the right items.

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